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Back and Neck Pain

Acute Pain Management, Same Day Evaluation

Dr. Howard Liss treats disorders that cause pain and disability by providing consultative services and soft tissue and joint injections when needed. When medically appropriate, he makes specific referrals for diagnostic testing (lab work, imaging, electrodiagnosis), physical and occupational therapy, interventional procedures (epidurals and facet joint injections), and surgery.

While the natural history of back and neck pain proposes a favorable outcome in a majority of cases, the fact still stands—up to 90% of adults will suffer from some degree of back and neck pain in their lifetime. Although many will visit their primary care physician, the management of back and neck pain continues to move towards a conservative trend, with aggressive non-surgical methods to reduce pain and restore function.

Whether rehabilitation is inpatient or outpatient, Dr. Howard Liss is well positioned to discern and organize treatment methods that improve a patient’s quality of life.


At the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute, patients can rely on Dr. Liss to put together the right treatment, therapy and rehabilitation plan to ensure the most optimal outcome. Dr. Liss works closely with other specialists required to rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic pain or serious injuries, and Dr. Liss will refer patients as needed to ensure appropriate treatment. With extensive education and exposure to a variety of conditions that affect the cervical and lumbar spine, bones, nerves, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, brain, and spinal cord, Dr. Liss is uniquely positioned to help patients manage their pain and maximize their functioning.

If you are experiencing back and/or neck pain, contact the Howard Liss, M.D. Rehabilitation Institute today.


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